Event Childcare

Providing quality childcare for church events

Our desire is to provide quality childcare for church events so that families are able to actively participate in ministry events. Trusting Connections Nanny Agency is the only approved childcare provider for Casas events. To be the best stewards of the church’s funds, we ask you to partner with us. You can do this by simply being diligent in your registration and cancellation of any childcare event.

Please Read Below Prior to Registering for Childcare

Did you know?

Because the church values families and their ability to be part of ministry events, it subsidizes a majority of the cost of childcare for each of us. Your cost per child for any given ministry event is $5 and the church covers the remainder of the childcare costs (charge per nanny is approximately $35/hour and the number of nannies is dependent upon the number of children registered). If you are volunteering in a ministry event, your childcare is provided at a discounted rate or free of charge.

An important note: the church is charged for the number of registered children, not the actual number that is present the day of the event. What this means is that if you register but end up not attending and not canceling your request, the church will still be charged and this can lead to unnecessary costs.

How you can help:

  1. Find all childcare registration forms HERE. The deadline to register is always Wednesday at midnight, the week prior to the event.
  2. If you have registered for an event and you are unable to attend, please notify the Casas Childcare hotline 878-1108 or email [email protected] as soon as possible. Doing this allows us to adjust numbers and potentially reduce the number of caregivers and minimize unnecessary costs.

Thank you for helping to keep Event Childcare possible!