2018-2019 Ministry Year Theme


The heart of the mission of Casas begins at the story level of each person who is disconnected from or has yet to experience a relationship with God. Throughout this year we will aim to live out our theme by living in ways where we:

- recognize that our neighbors have stories that matter

- let people know their story matters to us and to God

- seek to know and value people as they are, as the Imago Dei

We hope to see this theme come to life as people connect their story to their neighbor's story and ultimately into the larger Story of God.

Grab a t-shirt for $5 at the Info Center and share how you experience and live out this theme by using the hashtag #YourStoryTucson on social media!

Your Story Matters Conversations

Over this past year we have walked through what it means to recognize that the people around us have stories that matter. As we continue together on this journey, we want to explore what it's like to actually live out the values of Your Story Matters. This spring, we invite you to join us as we enter into conversations on complex current topics.


On Sunday, April 7th, we are looking forward to having a conversation on the topic of race and hearing experiences from people in our own community. The conversations will happen during normal service times. Feel free to invite friends who might also enjoy sitting in on this conversation!

Share Your Experience

Sharing our experiences with "Your Story Matters" is a way to learn from one another and celebrate together! Share your experience below (answer any or all questions):